UX Designer

Hi, I am Pavlos Savva and I am a UX Designer with a background in multimedia design. I am a generalist with a natural curiosity and a strong drive for Product Design and emerging technologies.

My UX Skills

UX Research

Empathy and Curiosity, User Interviews, Usability Testing, Survey creation, Persona Creation, Data Synthesis & Analysis, Affinity Diagrams, A/B Testing

User Interface Design

Information Architecture, Visual Communication, Accessibility, Wireframing, Prototyping, Layout, Color theory, Typography, Iconography, Design Theory, Project Management


Adobe CC suite, Figma, Figjam, InVision, Miro, Trello, G-Suite, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, GitHub, Visual Studio, Zoom, Office 365

My UX Projects

Trail Buddy

The goal was to build a Hiking app that helps hikers identify plants and animals on the trail using AI as well as to allow them to report live these sightings or warn others of potential dangers.

Museum 8

A virtual reality platform specializing in immersive experiences for museums around the world is necessary to provide educators, parents, and disabled persons with an alternative option to museum-going.

Travel Pal

TravelPal is a mobile app that provides travelers an organized way of planning activities and maximizing their time experiencing all aspects of the destination based on their interests while having fun.